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From the last 20 years, She is doing CSR activities but always wished to form a trust under her late father’s name so, So here is the way to go. The name of the trust is “MUSKAAN K.K. MEMORIAL TRUST”. Ms. Arpita Bansal is the founder of this trust. The jurisdiction of the trust shall be throughout India, Asia & Abroad.

Muskaan K. K. Memorial Trust is to promote charitable, cultural, spiritual, education and any other activity for the relief of poor and the education of needy and to afford medical relief of poor and/or promote any other object of public utility without distinction of caste, creed, religion and race.

In a short span of time”MUSKAAN K.K. MEMORIAL TRUST” has organized blood donation camps and free life teaching classes in school for better upbringing of youth. She is also helping needy, poor families. She has adopted many poor girls and needy families by giving them education, love, care like her own daughter. She is actively lending help to homeless, disabled people as well. She has not just restricted herself to single social cause but several.

Now she is travelling from miles to miles all over India in remotest parts teaching girls students in different schools and ladies in polytechnic. She is spreading awareness about deadly diseases like cervix cancer and organizing free camps for its vaccinations in slum areas of society. Not only this she is also spreading awareness about gender quality and eradication of female feticide and dowry from its roots. She is actively spreading happiness and education in youths of society who are not well enough to pay school fees and buy books, she has adopted many such children, she is spreading awareness about education as without it there will be no future for the country, More people are educated more a country prospers. Ms. Bansal is actively organizing free health and awareness camps in unreachable, remote parts all over India. In camps free health check-ups and costly medicines are distributed among the poor and needy masses.

Not only this Muskaan k.k. Memorial trust is conducting Super Surveys in remotest rural areas of the nation. In which we are trying to find reasons for such low or no development. As without the prosperity of villages there is no chance that our nation can be fully developed. In villages people are lacking even with basic necessities. No facilities of higher education, not even hospitals are there. In surveys our Managing Director saw the hard pressed lives of rural areas. She has met the village supremo ‘Sarpanch’ and discussed how such problems can be well tackled in this her trust will give full support. As Ms Bansal agenda is to work for welfare of the nation she is not just restricted to a single social cause but many which she finds neglected by almost everyone.

Ms. Bansal is also regularly organizing free kids workshops and Seminars which is inspirational, positive and motivational in nature. She has organized such free workshops all over India as her aim is to spread positivity in kids which are future of our nation, to guide them with right path as a true motivator and a caring friend.