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People Speaks

Ms Bansal and shri C.L. Uppal Senior Manager Busy in long discussions. In triveni devi charitable society. Here we come to know about the actual factors why people are living here. Some of factors are as follows:

  1. Generation Gaps,
  2. Death of one of the couple and no child at all,
  3. 15 to 20% old people residing here are childless,
  4. Child are there but only girl child they are having and after her marriege they come to stay here as in mostly low and middle class people don’t prefer to stay in girls house as per our Indian culture and mentality.
  5. Also people are having a good family but their children stating far away in foreigns and other places due to work or family issues.
  6. Their are certain cases in which old couples are fighting with each other on some issues and they are staying separately in ashrams,
  7. Property Distribution,
  8. Safety, these are some of the major factors for old people staying in old – age home.